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International postdoc recruitment

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Founded in 1897, Zhejiang University is a prestigious institution of higher education with a long history and was one of the earliest modern academies of higher education established in China. In its over 120-year history, Zhejiang University has always been committed to cultivating talents with excellence, advancing science and technology, serving for social development and promoting culture, with the sprit best manifested by the university motto “Seeking the Truth and Pioneering New Trails”.

Research at Zhejiang University spans 12 academic disciplines, covering philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, art, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management and etc. Of all the research disciplines covered by ESI, Zhejiang University has 18 disciplines listed among global top 1%, of which 8 are in the world's top 1‰(ESI data, March 2018) . The University is 87th in the QS world university rankings in 2018.

Zhejiang University is the first batch of universities nationwide to set up postdoctoral research stations. As one of the national pilot units for postdoctoral administration reform, Zhejiang University now owns 57 postdoctoral research stations. To achieve leapfrog development in scientific research and overall planning of talent, Zhejiang University warmly welcomes excellent young doctors from all over the world to join our postdoctoral research team.

1.Department of Cell Biology

Cell Biology, a fundamental discipline at the interface of life science and medicine, studies the cell structures, functions and interaction with their environment. The founder of the Department of Cell Biology is Mr. Cai Bao, the biological scientist of China. In the recent years, the focus of our researches was on Cell Cycle, Cell Migration, Cell Mechanics, Cellular Immunity, Three-dimensional Genome, DNA Damage and DNA Repair.

The following PI groups in the centre are open to recruit postdoctoral researchers:

ZHOU TianhuaDante Neculai LIU TingBAI GeCHEN BaohuiCHEN JiadongSUN Jie

2.Department of Pathogenic Biology and Microbiology

The department has 9 principle investigator (PI) groups in many research fields including molecular pathogenic mechanism and novel vaccines of human-animal-infected microbes, molecular pathogenic mechanism and novel vaccines of sexually transmitted pathogens, molecular mechanisms of bacterial drug resistance and bacterial membrane-associated pathogenicity, molecular pathogenic mechanism and novel antiviral drugs of herpes viruses, microbial synthetic biology, microbe-derived drug production engineering, microbial bioinformatics and combinatorial drug design, microbial biocatalysis and biotransformation. Among them, research directions such as microbial synthesis biology and pathogenic microbiology have high influence in the subject area.

The following PI groups in the centre are open to recruit postdoctoral researchers:

LI Yongquan YAN Jie MAO Xuming FENG Youjun PAN Dongli Stijn van der Veen CHEN Xin DU Yiling GUAN Wenjun Daniel Henry Scharf

3.Department of Neurobiology

The Department of Neurobiology focuses on basic and translational research, with special attention for the combination of basic neurobiological research and research of neuropsychiatric diseases. The Department of Neurobiology has obtained the titles of National Innovation Research Group, Innovation Research Team of the Ministry of Education of China, and Innovation Research Team of Zhejiang Province,and is entitled one of ‘The Most Important Subjects’ for Development in Zhejiang Province and Zhejiang University.

The following PI groups in the centre are open to recruit postdoctoral researchers:

BAO Aimin KANG Lijun SHEN Yi WANG Hao XU Han QIU Shuang SUN Binggui LI Xiaoming XU Zhenzhong WANG Zhiping GONG Wei LUO Jianhong ZHOU Yudong HU Hailan DUaN Shumin GONG Zhefeng GAO Zhihua GUO Fang

4.Department of Biophysics

The Department of Biophysics is dedicated to understand fundamental biological functions, like how cells communicate, interact and enable complicate physiological functions, in terms of physical and chemical principles. With full support from Center of Cryo-Electron Microscopy and Protein Purification Facility in Zhejiang University, we are on the cutting edge of science. The research in the Department of Biophysics holds a leading status in the fields of ion channels, G protein-coupled receptors, transcription and transcription regulation, etc.
The following PI groups in the centre are open to recruit postdoctoral researchers:

YANG Wei FENG Yu GUO Jiangtao YANG Fan ZHANG Yan LI Yuezhou

5.Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine

The mission of the discipline of Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine is to conduct original, cutting-edge research in a multi/inter-disciplinary manner, to understand the fundamental mechanism of stem cells and regenerative medicine, to integrate basic biological studies and novel biotechnology with clinical research on major diseases in Sports Medicine, and to improve health care that is vital to the nation’s well-being.

The following PI groups in the centre are open to recruit postdoctoral researchers:

OUYANG Hongwei GUO Guoji JI Junfeng GU Yan XU Suhong ZHANG Shufang CHEN Xiao LIU Hua QIAN Pengxu ZHANG Jin

6.Department of Immunology

The Department of Immunology has formed advantages and characteristics in discipline construction, and has research directions at the forefront of the field. It carries out innovative research around the following aspects: molecular mechanism of immune recognition and immune regulation; differentiation and development of dendritic cells, function Research on regulation and its new functions; research on the mechanism of T lymphocyte differentiation and development; cloning and functional study of new immune molecules.

The following PI groups in the centre are open to recruit postdoctoral researchers:

LU Linrong WANG Qingqing WANG Di WANG Lie WANG Jianli CAI Zhijian WANG Xiaojian YAO Yushi

7.Department of Pharmacology

In the research fields of respiratory and anti-inflammatory immunopharmacology, neuropharmacology, molecular pharmacology, and oncology pharmacology, a unique teaching and scientific research system has been established, which has strong research strength. It is also the Zhejiang Provincial Respiratory Drug Research Laboratory of the State Food and Drug Administration and Zhejiang Key Laboratory of Cardiovascular and Neurological Drug Screening and New Drug Development and Evaluation.

The following PI groups in the centre are open to recruit postdoctoral researchers:

WANG Xiujun WU Ximei YING Songmin HU Weiwei JIANG Xi TANG Huifang

8.Department of Pathology and Pathophysiology

The cross-disciplinary studies mainly focus on cancer pathology and pathophysiology, cell and genetics, biochemistry and molecular biology, immunology, pharmacology, and systems biology. It is the key national supported institution and is enlisted in the national first-class university and academic program in China. The department has set up a Zhejiang province key laboratory for disease proteomics and set up an internationally cooperative research platform under the national plan for the university science innovation and talent recruitment.

The following PI groups in the centre are open to recruit postdoctoral researchers:

KE Yuehai LAI Maode SHAO Jimin HU hu DONG Chenfang LIU Chong MENG Zhuoxian ZHANG Dandan ZHANG Honghe LIU Yunhua

9.Department of Biochemistry

The Department of Biochemistry is an open research discipline that integrates scientific research, teaching, and personnel training, consists of 9 independent research laboratories: Organelle Biology, Tumor cell metabolism, Autophagy control, Small molecules that regulate cell autophagy, Autophgy in yeast,   Macromolecular structures muscle metabolism and differentiation,   Biochemical toxicology, Drug resistance of tumor and Genetic engineering

The following PI groups in the centre are open to recruit postdoctoral researchers:

LIU Wei TANG Xiuwen ZHOU Yiting LUO Yan XIA Hongguang SUN Qiming YI Cong

10.Department of Human Genetics

The Department of Human Genetics aims to build a world-class, open research institute and is committed to the original research of genetics and application. Current research interests include: genomics and microbiology, pathogenic genetics, epigenetics and animal and plant genetics, mitochondrial genetics and stem cells, medical genetics.

The following PI groups in the centre are open to recruit postdoctoral researchers:

GUAN Minxin JIANG Pingping MA Jun YANG Xiaohang ZHANG Xianning CHEN Ye GE Wanzhong Gu Ying LIANG Hongqing XU Pengfei HAN Peidong LI Chen

11.Department of Physiology

The Department of Physiology in particular acquire highlighted achievements in: (1)Ischemic heart stress mechanisms and prevention strategies (2)Regulatory of glial cells on neuronal function (3)Animal neurophysiology and the mechanisms of brain-endocrine-the immune network (4)The molecular biology of neuro-endocrine development (5)Hypoxic injury and adaptation related to transcription regulation of target genes etc.

The following PI groups in the centre are open to recruit postdoctoral researchers:

LAI Enyin SHEN Xiao LI Xiangyao MA Huan CHEN Xuequn YU Yanqin

12.Department of Human Anatomy and Embryology

The Department of Anatomy and Histology and Embryology has three courses of human anatomy, tissue embryology, medical molecular cell biology and four PI research groups. In the field of lymphology, tumor genomics and epigenetics, disease proteomics, cell movement and molecular regulation of cell cycle have outstanding research results.

The following PI groups in the centre are open to recruit postdoctoral researchers:

ZHANG Xiaoming WANG Liang ZHAO Jingwei

Basic Requirements

Age: under 35 years old (under 40 for foreign applicants);

A PhD degree;

Good academic research capability .

Our Advantages

A competitive salary package will be provided

We operate a tiered postdoctoral funding system for full-time postdoctoral researchers, combining the funds of the University, the supervisor and the college (department).

PhD graduates from the world’s top 100 universities and colleges, foreign PhD graduates from top overseas universities or other outstanding PhD graduates will be provided ¥200,000 annually by the university, and it should reach above ¥300,000 annually with the fund from the supervisor and the college.

Other Benefits

1. Apartments with preferential rent are available;

2. Social insurance including endowment and medical insurance shall be covered by the university.

Flexible research time

Research time shall range from 2-6 years determined by college and supervisor according to the research projects and clearly defined in the agreement.

Access to senior professional title

Full-time postdoctoral researchers who work in our university for 3 continuous years can apply for the university’s senior professional title.


1. Perform scientific research and complete postdoctoral research work at the scheduled time;

2. Apply for China Postdoctoral Science Foundation or other scientific research projects based on research needs; cooperate with the supervisor to undertake key research projects; publish papers in key publications worldwide.


Please contact your intended tutor directly.