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■ Faculty and Postdoc Accommodation in Hangzhou

In order to resolve real-life difficulties of new talents, young teachers and post-docs, the accommodations provided by our university has gone through extensive renovations. Apartments are supervised by the university real estate office, and the daily estate management is entrusted by the professional property management company.
There are many types of accommodations, including 2-3 bedroom apartments or suites, single rooms, double rooms, and others. Accommodations are located in many different places all over Hangzhou, so you can choose the place you’d like to live. Rent for university accommodations will be withdrawn on a monthly basis from the salary.
Guidelines for accommodation types:
(1) Suite (two bed rooms and one living room): about 1500-1800 RMB/month
(2) Double room (one bed): about 600 RMB/month
(3) Single room: about 300 RMB/month

The University also provides opportunities for faculty to buy apartments at reduced costs compared to commercial prices.

■ Faculty Accommodation at International Campus in Haining

Long-time appointed professors can apply for apartments on the campus, and short-time professors will be arranged in a hotel on the campus.