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  • Daniel Henry Scharf
  • Department:Department of Pathogen biology and Microbiology
  • Research centre:Research Center of Infection and Immunity
  • Course:Microbiology
  • Tel:0571-88981927
  • Research Interests:My research is focused on the biosynthesis of natural products and their role as mediators in biological interactions. The microbial community of different habitats is diverse and has to adapt to changes of abiotic and biotic parameters in order to survive. Natural products play a crucial role in the interaction of microorganisms with their abiotic environment, other microorganisms, or even eukaryotes. My group is interested in the biochemistry, cell biology and ecological role of secondary metabolism. We are also interested in understanding the role of natural products during the infection of fungal pathogens and how to use this knowledge to develop new diagnostic tools and therapies.
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