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Hangzhou is a city with rich medical resources. Here are some major hospitals:

■ Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital

The Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital (SRRSH) is an affiliated hospital to the School of Medicine, Zhejiang University. It has English speaking nurses, doctors and an expatriate doctor on staff. The SRRSH is a 1200-bed tertiary care hospital in east Hangzhou. From its site near the west bank of the Jiantang River, SRRSH, serves as a beacon of care to the city of Hangzhou, the province of Zhejiang, and beyond. SRRSH has also received recognition for its patient safety, standardized care, and international values as the first public hospital in China to receive accreditation from Joint Commission International (JCI) in 2006. In 2009, it received re-accreditation and also received JCI accreditation for its specialized stroke center in 2011. SRRSH offers 29 specialties including inpatient and outpatient sections. These include: emergency care, intensive care, and surgery. In total SRRSH receives over 1 million patient visits each year.
Tel: +86-571-86090073 (switchboard); 86006016 (VIP Clinic reception and appointments)
Add:3 East Qingchun Road
Name and Address in Chinese: 庆春东路3号,杭州市浙江大学医学院附属邵逸夫医院




■ First Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine

There is an International Clinic at the First Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine, which is not only the largest hospital in the province but also regarded as one of the best hospitals for surgical procedures.
Add:79 Qingchun Road, 11th floor
Tel: +86-571-87236166
Name and Address in Chinese: 杭州市庆春路79号, 浙医一院



■ Second Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine

The Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine (SAHZU) is a comprehensive non-profit public hospital. And it was founded in 1869 by the British Church Missionary Society with a mission of “Spreading Benevolence and Saving People”. Today the hospital has evolved into a top-ranked hospital in China. Fulfilling patient and customer’s needs is SAHZU’s top priority. Their core value states that “the needs of the patient and customer come first”. By keeping patients informed during their stay in the hospital, providing them with excellent technology and caring services, maintaining and validating their trust, collecting feedback and updating standards, SAHZU ensures that patients and customers come first, Continuing its old-century commitment to serve and nurture the community, SAHZU strives to be an international brand hospital with distinguished clinical specialties.
Add: 88 Jiefang Road
Tel: +86-571-87783777
Name and Address in Chinese: 浙江杭州市解放路88号浙医二院



■ Campus Hospitals

Every campus of Zhejiang University has its own on-campus hospital which is good for minor diseases.
Tel:+86-571-88206017 (Zijingang Campus)
+86-571-87951434 (Yuquan Campus)
+86-571-88273552 (Xixi Campus)
http://zdyy.zju.edu.cn/ (Chinese)