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Zhejiang University School of Basic Medical Sciences Recruit Postdoctoral Researcher

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Zhejiang University School of Basic Medical Sciences is located in Hangzhou, one of the  most beautiful cities of China.  Zhejiang University is also one of China's most pretigious research universities in many areas including biomedical research. There are currently 68 PIs in School of Basic Medical Sciences with research focuses in many areas including but not limited to cancer biology, metabolic syndrome, neurological and psychiatric disorders, molecular biology, stem cell biology, regenerative medicine, genetics and genomics. They were devided into 5 research centres: Research Centre of Neuroscience, Cancer Biology, Infection and Immunity, Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine, and Molecula Biology.

Part 1: Basic Requirements
To qualify for a postdoctoral researcher, one must:
1. have a Ph.D. degree in biology, medical science, pharmacy or other related disciplines.
2. have good scientific literacy, enterprise, sense of responsibility and team consciousness.
3. be capable of communicating in English.
4. be under the age of 35.

Part 2: Subjects of Recruitment

1.Research Centre of Neuroscience
The Center of Neuroscience at Zhejiang University is devoted to basic and translational neuroscience research, with topics covering neural signal transduction, synaptic function, neural circuits and behaviour, and neuropsychiatric diseases. It currently hosts 25 laboratories, led by Dr. DUAN Shumin, an academic member of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Aiming to build a world-class neuroscience research center, Zhejiang University has attracted excellent faculty members including several National Distinguished Young Scholars, the ChangJiang Scholars and the Young Thousand Scholars. It provides a highly stimulating training environment and state-of-art research facilities. Competitive salaries and benefits are offered. For detailed information, please check the following link: http://www.neuroscience.zju.edu.cn/index.php?c=Index&a=jc_study&web=sjenglish&type=1 :
BAO Aimin, CHEN Zhong, FANG Marong, DUAN Shumin,KANG Lijun, HU Hailan, LI Xiaoming, LUO Jianhong, MA Huan, SHEN Yin, WANG Hao, WANG Liang, XU Han.

2. Research Centre of Tumor
The research interests in the center for cancer research maily focuses on the molecular and cellular biology of cancer, pathology and pathophysiology during tumorigenesis, and descovery of biomarkers and drug targets for early diagnosis and treatment of cancer.  The center is led by Professor Lai Maode who is a member of German National Academy of Sciences, and is composed of twelves of principle investigators from basic, translational and clinical departments of Zhejing University School of Medicine. Researchers in the center are funded by many national key projects and supported by national and provincial key disciplines and research platforms. The following PI groups in the center are currently open to recruit postdoctoral researchers (with links to the PIs'  homepages):
DONG Chenfang,LAI maode, SHAO jimin, WANG Xiujun.

3. Research Centre of Infections and Immunity
The research in the center of infection and immunity mainly focus on the studying of the molecular and cellular basis of immune response including immunological recognition ,immune cell actiation, immunoregulation and immune tolerance. We are also interested in immune therapy against different tumors , basic and clinical research on pathogenic microorganisms, and the development of new vaccines against pathogenic microorganisms . The centre is led by Professor Cao Xuetao, an accademician of the Chinese engineering academy. Researchers in the center has been funded by many national key projects, including national district key project, 863 Project and National Science Fundation. The following PI groups in the centre are open to recruit postdoctoral researchers:
CHEN Weilin, FEN Youjun,LU Linrong, PAN Dongli, WANG Lie

4. Research Centre of Stem Cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine
Research of the centre focuses on both basic and translational biomedical sciences. Using cutting-edge single-cell sequencing, CRISPR/CAS9 genome editing, super-resolution imaging and mouse gene targeting technologies , we are tackling fundamental questions on stem cell biology (skeleton, muscle, and blood stem/progenitor cell fate determination, somatic reprogramming, pluripotency regulation and direct lineage conversion), developmental biology (skeleton and placenta development), platelet and thrombosis regulation, scavenger receptor in lipid metabolism, and senescence/aging. In particular, the center, led by Prof Hongwei Ouyang, is recognized as one of the leaders in the area of skeleton system regeneration by employing interdisciplinary approaches which integrate biomedical science, material science, chemistry science and engineering technologies. Principle Investigators (PIs) of the centre are able to compete for national key grants and laboratories are currently well-funded by key grants from both Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and Ministry of Science and Technology of China (MOST). The PIs who are interested in recruiting postdoctoral fellows are listed below and please refer to our website (www.zjustemcell.com) for detailed information on their research interests:
Dante Neculai, GUO Guoji,HU Hu, JI Junfeng, OUYANG Hongwei, WU Ximei, ZHOU Yiting

5. Research Centre of Molecula Biology
The mission of the Research Centre of Molecular Medicine is to undertake internationally competitive research in crossed disciplines, including biochemistry & molecular biology, cell biology, genetics, molecular pathology, immunology etc. The centre PIs currently include a mixture of scientists from various background, facilitating active high-quality collaborations. Using molecular cell biology as a main research platform, the major topics of current research cover etiology and molecular mechanisms of diseases, including cancer, cardiovascular diseases, metabolism disorders, neurological diseases etc. The centre is led by Prof. Zhou Tianhua (a Distinguished Professor of NSF of China), and benefits from financial support of national key projects, such as 973, 863. The following PIs in the centre have open positions for postdoctoral researcher:
KE Yuehai, LAI EnYin, LIU Wei, YING Songmin, ZHOU Tianhua, ZHANG Dandan, XIA Hongguang

Part 3: Salaries and Benefits

1. Annual salary starts at 120 thousand Chinese yuan.
2. Distinguished Doctors can apply for special support from Zhejiang University, and the annual salary can go up to 300 thousand if granted.
3. Accommodation will be provide by Zhejiang University (offer to lease).

Part 4: Application and Contact Information

1. Applicants can contact with tutors individually.
2. Applicants can also contact with Mr YE Zhiguo, General Administration Office, School of Basic Medical Sciences, Zhejiang University.
Telephone number: +86-571-88206726
Email address: softlab@zju.edu.cn
Address: Room 801, Multiple-use building, School of medicine, Zijinggang campus, Zhejiang University
                 866 YuHang Tang Road, Hangzhou 310058, China.