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Department of Physiology

Edit:0096500 Date:2015-12-16

About us
 Department of Physiology, Basic medical science school of ZJU, consist of 14 teachers, including 8 doctorate professors, 4 Associate Professors/Master Instructors and 2 lecturers. Two teachers were selected as young talent of national one thousand plan, four teachers were selected as talents of one thousand plan of Zhejiang province, and one chief scientist of National Program on Key Basic Research Project (973 Program).

Teaching Features
l Physiology covers several curriculums such as “Physiology”,“Experimental Course of Physiological Sciences”,“physiology(English version)”" Neuro-physiology "“Introduction to Brain Science-1£¨Elective Course£©”,“Introduction to Brain Science-2£¨Teacher training course£©”" neurobiology(required course for College of Life Science)"etc.. Our teaching coverage not only involves the  medical students from basic medical science, clinical medicine, oral medicine, pharmacy, nursing and preventive medicine but are also open to all others students with different majors in the campus. 
l Physiology has been  honored as "the superior courses of Zhejiang Province", "the national superior courses" and "the National network superior courses". 
We have also established some curriculums such as "Advanced physiology", “Physiology Topics”, " Neurobiology ", " Comparative Physiology ", " Molecular Neurobiology ", " Modern neuroendocrinology " and " Neuroendocrinology special environment " for masters and PhD students

Research Feature
Currently, our department is supported by over 10 grants from national Natural Science Foundation of China, and the total amount of grants reached to 20 million yuan in the past five years. We in particular acquire highlighted achievements in:

·         Ischemic heart stress mechanisms and prevention strategies,

·         Regulatory of glial cells on neuronal function,

·         Animal neurophysiology and the mechanisms of brain-endocrine-the immune network,

·         The molecular biology of neuro-endocrine development,

·         Hypoxic injury and adaptation related to transcription regulation of target genes,

·         Hypoxia-related learning and memory functional genomics and proteomics,

·         And the peripheral and central neuronal mechanism mediating chronic pain.


Due to our hard work and efforts, we have won the Science and Technology Achievement Award prized by Ministry of Education.