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Faculty Recruitment Announcement (Research Fellow)

Edit:0916032 Date:2019-06-20

Zhejiang University is a comprehensive and national key university, located in the historical city Hangzhou. In 2017, the Ministry of Education in China approved to support Zhejiang University to be a world-class university, while the discipline of basic medical sciences was selected into the  "Double First-Class (First-Class University & First-Class Disciplines)" development plan and awarded “A” class in the fourth round of disciplines assessment led by the Ministry of Education in China.
Zhejiang University has a long-term support to School of Basic Medical Sciences. In 2011, the School was approved as the "National Pilot College" (the only medical school in China) by the Ministry of Education in China. We will continue to achieve high-level scientific research and recruit more distinguished and diverse faculty. The school has established key disciplines and advanced labs with international cooperation and also the support from our affiliated hospitals.
We sincerely welcome outstanding scientists in the field of biomedical sciences to join our School of Basic Medical Sciences, Zhejiang University. Your participation will definitely strengthen and enhance our educational level and innovative capabilities. Let’s move forward together to build a brilliant future for our school. We now have faculty positions available for "Special-Term Research Fellow" and "Special-Term Research Associate".

Eligibility Requirements
1. The applicant must hold related Doctor’s Degree; has two consecutive years of scientific research experience overseas in a prestigious university or research institution.
2. The applicant should have great professional ethics, rigorous scientific attitude, outstanding academic potential, and cooperative spirit.
Special-Term Research Fellow should be under the age of 38 in principle, while Special-Term Research Associate should be under the age of 35.
Related Benefits
1. Special-Term Research Fellow: Annual pay of 350-400 thousand RMB.
2. Special-Term Research Associate: Annual pay of 250-300 thousand RMB.
1. Considering the applicant's capacity, he/she is appointed as a Special-Term Research Fellow or Research Associate.

2. The tenure-track period is usually 6 years. Three years after employment, Research Associate with excellent performance during mid-term evaluation can apply for Research Fellow position. Promotion is consistent with the faculty of “Hundred Talent Program” in Zhejiang University. Individuals who have excellent career development can apply for an advanced promotion or a tenured position.

Material submission
The applicant should provide the following materials:
1. Detailed CV (including uninterrupted study and work experience from the undergraduate study to the application time, published papers, writings, patents, achievements in research projects or clinical practices).
2. Current job certification and academic degree certificate.
3. Full text of three representative scientific papers.
4. Individual resume of 500 words, focusing on major academic outcomes and scientific influence achieved.
5.  Future work plan and research proposal.
6. At least three recommendation letters from well-known peer experts and scholars in the field.


If you are interested, please send your CV to the following email address:
Contacts: Mrs. Lin
Tel: +86-571-88208090
Address: Office 801, Administrative Building, School of Medicine, Zi-Jin-Gang Campus, Zhejiang University. Hangzhou, Zhejiang, P. R. China
Postal Code: 310058