Department of Biophysics

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Some of the most exciting discoveries to come out of the sciences are achieved at the interfaces between multiple fields. The Department of Biophysics is dedicated to understand fundamental biological functions, like how cells communicate, interact and enable complicate physiological functions, in terms of physical and chemical principles. Our labs utilize interdisciplinary approaches, with an emphasis on structural and quantitative approaches drawn from multiple scientific disciplines, including electron microscopy (EM), x-ray crystallography, single molecule spectroscopy, chemical biology, cell biology, neuroscience and computational biology.

Distinguished Faculty

Faculties in the Department of Biophysics have an excellent experience in both teaching and research, and are committed to the academic and professional development of our students. There are six full-time professors and two lecturers, including three members of "1000 Young Talents Program" and four members of "100 Talents Program of Zhejiang University". Our expertise is diverse and complements each other: Professor Wei Yang mainly focuses on the TRPM2 channel gating mechanism, TRPM2 channel mediated physiological and pathological processes such as brain ischemia injury, and developing the TRPM2 channel inhibitors; Professor Yu Feng studies the molecular mechanism of transcription and transcription regulation; Professor Fan Yang aims to understand the ligand modulation mechanisms of nociceptive Transient Receptor Potential (TRP) channels and the conformational dynamics of these channels, and develop novel modulators of TRP channels; Professor Yan Zhang currently seeks to understand the structural basis of activation, signaling and regulation of G protein-coupled receptors, by biased or unbiased ligands; Professor Jiangtao Guo is working on cryo-EM structures of ion channels and transporters that are essential in electrical signal transduction, ion homeostasis and other important physiological processes.

Cross-disciplinary Education

The Department of Biophysics undertakes the teaching of General Biophysics, Introduction of Structural Biology, Biophysical Technology in Medicine, Ion Channel and Disease for undergraduate students. For graduate students, the Department of Biophysics offers a variety of courses such as Advanced Biophysics, Biological Macromolecule Technology, Structure of Biological Macromolecule, Biological Macromolecule and Drug, Single Particle Electron Cryo-Microscopy, Protein Crystallography, Chemical Biology, Single-Molecule Technology, Computational Biology, Modern Biophysical Technology in Medicine, Electron Microscopy in Biomedicine, and Medical Biophysics--Membrane and Biological Macromolecule. In addition, nationally-recognized speakers in the field of biophysics are invited to our seminar series on a monthly basis.

Featured Research

With full support from Center of Cryo-Electron Microscopy and Protein Purification Facility in Zhejiang University, we are on the cutting edge of science. The research in the Department of Biophysics holds a leading status in the fields of ion channels, G protein-coupled receptors, transcription and transcription regulation, etc. In collaboration with pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad, we also conduct structure-based drug discovery targeting important proteins and protein complexes. State-of-the-art technologies used regularly include, but are not limited to electron microscopy, x-ray crystallography, high-performance computing, fast protein liquid chromatography, isothermal titration calorimetry, surface plasmon resonance, single-molecule fluorescence microscopy, circular dichroism, dynamic light scattering, electrophysiology. Our exciting works have been published in Cell, Nature, Science, and other prestigious journals.