Department of Cell Biology

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About Us

Cell Biology, a fundamental discipline at the interface of life science and medicine, studies the cell structures, functions and interaction with their environment. The establishment by the famous Professor Bao Cai of Department of Cell Biology, Basic Medical Science School of ZJU goes a long way back Currently, there are 11 faculties, including 8 (one part-time) professors (principal investigators), two associated professors and one instructor. Our academic staff has been awarded multiple national honors, including: Distinguished Young Scholar by the National Science Fund (1), “Leading Talents of National High-level personal of special support program” of both Chinese “Ten Thousand Talent Program” (1) and Ministry of Science and Technology (1), “The Recruitment Program of Global Experts” (short period) (1), “Young Overseas High-level Talents Introduction Plan” (5), “Program for New Century Excellent Talents” of Ministry of Education (1),“Zhejiang Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars” (3). Prof. Yibin Kang is the president of the International Society of Cancer Metastasis. The current Director of the Department is Dr. Tianhua Zhou who also holds a position of adjunct professor at the University of Toronto. 

Teaching environment

With our rich history and current stronghold in innovation, we are dedicated to the instruction of medical students and cell biology talents with high quality, morality, brilliance and the global competitiveness. The courses we undertake include: Medical Cell Biology (professional compulsory course for undergraduates), Advanced Cell Biology (professional compulsory course for graduates) and Special Topic of Medical Cell Biology (professional compulsory course for PhD candidates). Our quality teaching experience led to publication of two teaching books, including Medical Cell Biology (published by Higher Education Press, Ministry of Education) and Cell Biology (published by People's Medical Publishing House, The Twelfth Five-Year Plan of National Health and Family Planning Commission of PRC), as the chief editor or associate editor.

Research Environment

In the recent years, the focus of our researches was on Cell Cycle, Cell Migration, Cell Mechanics, Cellular Immunity, Three-dimensional Genome, DNA Damage and DNA Repair. More than 50 grants supported our investigators and their research laboratories, including The People's Republic of China ministry of science and technology 973 Plan (including the subjects and sub subjects) & 863 Plan, Program for New Century Excellent Talents of Ministry of Education, The National Science Fund (including Distinguished Young Scholars Plan, Major Supporting Projects of Major Research Programs, International/Regional Cooperation and Exchange Program, General Programs and Youth Programs) and Zhejiang Science Fund (including Major Projects, Distinguished Young Scholars Plan and General Programs). The total funding awarded rounds up to almost 55,000,000 RMB. The research faculty is proud of achieving numerous awards including the First Prize of Zhejiang Progress Prize in Scientific and four patents both in the domestic and overseas. Our scientists contributed in more than 150 high quality peer-reviewed scientific papers, including 7 in high impact journals (Cell, Nature and Science), and 9 on their series, as the First Author or Corresponding Author.