Department of Biochemistry

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Department of Biochemistry is an open research centre which integrates scientific research, teaching and personnel training of postdoctoral, graduate and undergraduate students. Building on the basis of education and talents cultivation, we are seeking to conduct cutting-edge investigations in life science fields by combining optimized classical research methods to current multi-disciplinary advanced technology.

In recent years, by the introduction of young scientists full of research enthusiasm from all over the world, the Department has established the main research directions to study the molecular cell mechanism of autophagy and tumor cell metabolism. In these fields, we have developed an outstanding team with rational structure and international competitiveness. The Department consists of 9 independent research laboratories: Laboratory of Organelle Biology, led by Professor Wei Liu to unveil the mechanism and function of autophagy in mammals; Professor Yan Luo’s lab to investigate tumor cell metabolism; Professor Qiming Sun’s lab to elucidate autophagy control; Professor Hongguang Xia’s to identify small molecules that regulate cell autophagy; Professor Cong Yi’s lab to dissect autophgy in yeast; Professor Yu Feng’s lab to analyze macromolecular structures using Cryo-EM; Professor Yiting Zhou’s lab to characterize muscle metabolism and differentiation; and laboratories of Professor Lihong Xu, Professor Xiuwen Tang and Professor Jinbiao Zan to study biochemical toxicology, drug resistance of tumor, and genetic engineering, respectively. Over the past few years, our members have published a series of research papers (Cell, Science, Molecular Cell, Developmental Cell et al.) and were supported by a number of national research funds.

Department of Biochemistry undertakes the teaching of Biochemistry, Biochemical Experiments, Protein Science, Molecular Biology for graduate and undergraduate students. We are determined to adapt and innovate constantly to provide better educations for young students, by establishing a creative learning atmosphere and improving the educational quality, developing mode, and teaching methods.

Department of Biochemistry has been focusing on the culture of students’ research thinking and experimental skills. Currently, more than 20 doctoral and 30 graduate students are carrying out exciting projects enthusiastically under the guidance of their supervisors. In the past years, more than 10 post-doctoral and 30 doctoral students have completed their training and studies here. Most of them are continuing their research carrier as faculty members or receiving further training at domestic and foreign research institutions. If you are a passionate scientist or a young man who is interested in exploring the mysteries of life, join us.