Department of Immunology

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About us

Discipline of immunology, School of Basic Medical Sciences, is the doctor’s degree conferring unit and the key discipline of ZJU. By the suggestion of Academician of Chinese Academy of Science, Prof. CHEN Yizhang, Institute of immunology Zhejiang University was established in 2000. Our discipline has developed rapidly in lab construction, cultivating talents and doing top class scientific research. Currently, in the leadership of Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Pro. CAO Xuetao, our discipline consists of 8 professors, 4 associate professors, 1 lecturer. One teacher was funded by National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, three teachers was funded by National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars, and one chief scientist of National Program on Key Basic Research Project (973 Program).

Discipline construction

After several years of accumulation and development, we have formed our own characteristic in the construction of the subject. We have carried out some of the most creative research on the following aspects.

The differentiation, regulatory and new functions of dendritic cells and macrophages. The project which was collaborated with Second Military Medical University, was honored, “Top Ten Advances in Science and Technology of Chinese Universities” and “Top ten medical news in China in 2004”.

Cloning and function of novel immune molecules. The new immunological molecules derived from the BMSC are significant for exploring the differentiation, migrating and its mechanism of hemopoietic stem cells. This project may also be critical for establishing new therapy of tumor, infection and autoimmune diseases.

To explore the new approaches for the therapy of cancer, infection and autoimmnune diseases, and how to translate these research achievements from “bench to bedside”.

T cell development and immune cell signaling. To study the molecular mechanisms involved in immune recognition and regulation.


Our discipline has undertaken dozens of crucial research projects which includes “973 project”, “Projects supported National Natural Science Foundation of China”, “Projects of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars”, etc.. We have published more 120 papers in leading journals including Cell, Nat Immunol, Immunity, J Exp Med, Gut, Nat Comm. And we have invented 15 patents recognized both nationally and internationally.

Teaching Features

The courses we have set up for undergraduates, graduates and international students include: immunology, molecular medicine, developmental biology etc. The immunology course for international students has been honored as" The brand course of English Teaching for foreign students in China” by the Ministry of Education. Many teachers of our discipline have taken part in the textbook compiling including medical immunology published by People's Medical Publishing House.

Graduates training direction

The Department of Immunology offers graduate program studies leading to M.S. or Ph.D. in immunology. The program provides interdisciplinary training and interactive research in different aspects of immunology including advanced graduate level courses in specialized areas. Most of the graduate students obtain their advanced degrees within 3-4 years of their studies and they either pursue further trainings in research at home or abroad, or find jobs in immunology-related fields. In the past years, more than 6 post-doctoral and 100 doctoral students have completed their training and studies here. Many of them published papers in Cell, Nat Immunol, Immunity, J Exp Med, Gut, Nat Comm and were awarded national scholarships. Most of them are continuing their research carrier as faculty members or receiving further training at domestic and foreign research institutions. If you are a passionate scientist or a young man who is interested in exploring the mysteries of immunology, join us.