ZJU Global Dialogue Series-"Antigen Presentation and Cross Presentation - the Development of T Cell Vaccine" was delivered on July 15, 2022

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  Professor JIANG Shisong from University of Oxford delivered a wonderful talk entitled "Antigen Presentation and Cross Presentation - the Development of T Cell Vaccine" on July 15, 2022, which was supported by Zhejiang University Global Partnership Fund. The talk was chaired by Professor ZHOU Yiting, from School of Basic Medical Sciences, ZJU.


  Professor JIANG Shisong received his doctor's degree from London University and did post-doctoral training at Harvard University, and then he got a teaching position in the Department of Oncology at University of Oxford in 2004. Professor JIANG reviewed the research process of MHC molecule with the research and development of COVID-19 vaccine as the starting point, and then explained the concepts of antigen presentation and cross presentation in simple terms. He actively interacted with the students present and adjusted the lecture content in real time according to their immune knowledge.

  Professor JIANG  introduced the basic theoretical research of T cell vaccine and its transformation and application. In addition, Professor JIANG  also introduced how University of Oxford did a good job in top-level design and how to arrange administrative institutions to promote the transformation of scientific research in order to promote the clinical transformation of basic achievements.