Talks of ZJU Global Dialogue Series held successfully on September 22, 2022

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  Dr. LI Xiaohan from MRC-LMB, Cambridge and Dr.  ZHANG Xianzhu from School of Basic Medical Sciences, ZJU delivered two  academic talks for our teachers and students. The talks were hosted by MAO Chunyou, a postdoctoral researcher from School of Basic Medical Sciences, ZJU. The talks were supported by Zhejiang University Global Partnership Fund. 

  The title of Dr. LI Xiaohan's talk was “Functional and dysfunctional mechanisms of intrinsically disordered proteins”. Dr. Li reviewed the central principles of molecular biology, explained the definition of inherently disordered proteins, the process of synthesis in vivo, and the relationship between the importance of inherently disordered proteins and diseases from the aspects of protein structure and biochemical characteristics.


  The title of Dr. ZHANG Xianzhu's talk was “In Situ expansion of resident stem cell subset for rapid bone regeneration”. Dr. Zhang first explained the shortcomings of current bone injury treatment from the perspective of clinical cases, and introduced a new bone injury treatment strategy as a control. He pointed out that the microenvironment of neurotrophic plays an important role in regulating bone repair. Dr. Zhang tried to induce bone regeneration by using 3D printing hydrogel bone transplantation to directionally deliver neurotrophic supplements to bone injury, further understand this strategy, try to analyze the molecular mechanism of bone regeneration and repair, and determine the different types of stem cells in the process of bone repair. Msx1 positive stem cells may mediate bone regeneration through endochondral ossification.