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Invitation to the First International Youth Scholar Forum

Edit:0916032 Date:2017-11-13

Zhejiang University is a university with a long history and a great reputation. It is located in Hangzhou, a historical and cultural city as well as a scenic tourist destination in China. With Zhejiang University being recognized by the Ministry of Education as one of the first batch of the First-class Universities, the basic medical disciplines are also selected as the First-class Constructive Disciplines. In 2011, School of Basic Medical Sciences was certified as a National Pilot Institute. In the past six years, based on the concept of "attracting a group of outstanding teachers and students, pursuing excellence in both teaching and research", it has gradually realized the vision of  building up college culture, gathering a lot of talents and improving academic internationalization.


The First International Youth Scholar Forum held by School of Basic Medical Sciences aims to establish an exchange platform through such events as keynote speeches, academic seminars and talent talks, inviting outstanding young scholars in biomedical field both at home and abroad to discuss the frontier fields of biomedicine, and aims to promote the international cooperation.




January 12, morning

Opening ceremony & keynote speeches

January 12, afternoon

International Youth Scholar Forum and the seminars of five research centers

January 13, all day

Workshops and Discussion


Expected applicants

  1. Those who are no older than 40 years old;

  2. Those who have obtained a doctorate degree from a well-known overseas university; or those who have a doctorate degree from a domestic university and have 2 years or longer overseas scientific research experience (those who have worked as assistant professors or above in the well-known foreign universities for more than 3 years are considered especially outstanding; the age limit for such scholars can be up to 45 years old);

  3. Those who have made excellent achievements or have great potential in biomedical related fields;

  4. Those who intend to apply for the "Thousand Young Talent Program" plan and the Zhejiang University "Top Hundred Talents" program or postdoctoral programs on behalf of the School of Basic Medical Sciences.


【Application process】

Application submission: Please send your resume via email titled in the format of “International Youth Scholar Forum + Institution + Name” to yewenying@zju.edu.cn before December 7.

Invitations: To those who meet the relevant expectations, a formal invitation will be sent out on December 15th.

Confirmation: Please send a feedback upon receiving the invitation by December 22.


【Travel and accommodations】

The School of Basic Medical Sciences will arrange the accommodations and the meals for the formally invited participants during the forum and will provide a quota of travel fee.

The “Thousand Young Talent Program” scholars recruited to our school in the past years

Since 2011, Zhejiang University School of Basic Medical Sciences has successively recruited 23 young scholars who have been selected into the national “Thousand Young Talent Program” . It has made the supportive policies so that outstanding young scholars can actually stand out. Among others, YING Songmin, CHEN Wei, GUO Guoji, MA Huan, and Meng Zhuoxian have obtained the National Science Fund for Outstanding Young Scholars after joining the School of Basic Medical Sciences.

Contact: YE Wenying

E-mail: yewenying@zju.edu.cn